Tips For Selling Your Car

Posted : Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Check its value - Do your homework by checking out used car websites or magazines to compare your car against similar makes and models

Trade it or sell it yourself? - You will keep more of the cash if you sell it yourself, but a dealer is likely to buy it outright

A dirty motor won’t sell - Unless you’re thinking of scrapping your vehicle, you need to give it a deep clean

The more information the better - Wherever you choose to list your car, the more information you can provide the better

Have all your documentation to hand - Your service history should be up-to-date and will add value, with receipts as proof of any work you’ve had carried out

Don’t rush it - Potential buyers will want to see the car, and quite possibly test it out

Don’t haggle - If you’ve priced the car competitively, then you shouldn’t be pressured into lowering the price to make a sale

Get paid. Cash is preferable, but if you accept a cheque, wait until it has cleared before you hand over the keys

Notify the DVLA

Notify your insurer

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